Press Release for January, 2018

White Thorn to complete electric/water upgrade in time for the 2018 visitor season. The President of White Thorn stated, "When this project is completed, it will take us decades into the future as far as the loop infrastructure is concerned, by increasing our loop electrical capacity from 400amp service to 600amp service and replacing the 70amp main breakers in the loop to 125amp breakers. We will no longer be pulling electricity to energize the office, Hawthorn Hall, rental units, and clubhouse off of the loop electrical service, which will also increase capacity in the loop. We will be offering our guests and members a safe camping and working environment in the loop. In addition to safety we will be increasing our electrical capacity, offering 15 electrical pedestals with a 50amp/30amp/20amp GFI service with 2 hose bibs for water on each pedestal. We will also have 10 pedestals with a 30amp/30amp/20amp GFI and also having 2 hose bibs for water. In addition, we will be adding 60/20amp external GFI plugs, each their own dedicated GFI circuit breakers. This will give us a total of 85 of the 20amp plugs each on their own 20amp GFI circuit breaker. This increase in 20amp plugs will go a long way at Super Bowl, with people now overcrowding plugs and ultimately overloading circuits. There will still be breakers tripping because you can't control the amount of loads people put on an individual circuit, nor can you control people plugging in devices that are faulty that will then trip the GFI's because they are intended to perform in this manner. But increasing our loop capacity will go a long way in remedying that situation. Also giving the larger motorhomes a choice of 50amp service will be much appreciated by our guests." [Note: This upgrade effects the "loop" area only and visitors with pets, who camp in the "flats", will NOT have 50 amp service in 2018. The "flats" upgrade is expected to occur in the following year.]